United for Kids Foundation (UKF) is a volunteer-led not for profit organization registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission regime as an incorporated trustees’ entity. UKF is also registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. UKF is established exclusively for charitable, health and educational activities targeted principally at needy children in Nigeria. Our aim is to create a vehicle that enables fortunate Nigerians and friends of Nigeria apply their resources towards alleviating the unfortunate conditions of less fortunate poor, sick and orphaned children, and providing them with necessary tools to overcome poverty, sickness and illiteracy.

To achieve this aim, we receive contributions from donors, and use these to provide essential services for the benefit of children in state owned hospitals, state and privately owned orphanages, public schools and other institutions in need. For fifteen years, we have implemented programs targeted at children from low-income families with donations solicited from friends, members of our network and fundraising events. In this way, we have reached more than one hundred and twenty thousand children during the past five-year period.

Among our highly successful programs is an annual ‘Back to School’ program, which provides school bags and essential school supplies to children from low-income families. The purpose of this program, which covered fifty two thousand children in fifteen states in 2016, is to reduce the number of “out of school” children in Nigeria. We also established (2011) and actively maintain daily library programs in 10 public primary schools in Lagos. These programs continue to provide six thousand pupils with opportunities to develop their abilities through reading as well as actively learning with arts, crafts, film-shows, holiday camps and field trips.

We have noted the positive impact of our programs on the children and their families and are therefore determined to scale our programs in order to reach more Nigerian children who desperately need help. We wish to increase the number of children covered by our programs to one hundred and fifty thousand by December 2018, introduce pre-school age scholarship programs to give children a better chance in the fight against illiteracy, and enroll mothers of the children covered in our “Sponsor a Child” program in apprenticeship programs, which will guarantee financial independence for their families. We are however aware that this goal can only be achieved through concerted efforts to increase our network of donors and supporters. It is in view of this fact that we wish to solicit your support and encourage you to partner with our foundation. We hope you will review the programs and plans described in this document and engage us in conversations that will create a long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership for the betterment of the children we work with.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration.