Monthly Visits to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

UKF conducts monthly visits to the pediatrics section of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, formerly known as the Ikeja General Hospital,. The purpose of these visits is to deliver groceries and provisional supplies needed to enhance the quick recovery and general well being of the children on admission. The visits also provide a great opportunity to obtain first hand information about direct needs or problems encountered by the children on admission at this facility so that UKF can create long term solutions to such needs or problems. UKF commits over $10,000 annually to treatment relief programs for sick children admitted at the LASUTH.

Patients Assistance Program

During our monthly visits to LASUTH, we endeavor to look beyond the immediate needs of the patients and strive to, within our means, provide financial and other support needed by the patients and their families to live more comfortably while undergoing treatment and upon their discharge. During one of our visits in 2004, we met Deborah, a 6 year old amputee living with her grand parents in a village in Ibafo, Ogun State. UKF paid for Deborah’s prosthesis at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, visited the family in Ogun State upon her discharge and invested in food, school fees and other needs to ensure that Deborah and her family lived more comfortably.

In 2005, we met Ariyo, a 10 year old Urology patient who, together with his mother, had been expreciencing enormous physical and emotional hardship since he got hit by a car in 2004. Ariyo required surgery, which could not be performed in Nigeria. UKF invested in Ariyo’s well being by paying for his medication and school fees. We also procured international passports for Ariyo and his mother and linked them with Urologists in the UK who ensured that he received all necessary treatment.

In November 2009, we provided logistical and financial support to six (6) families who were carrying enormous burdens because they had children suffering from various types of cancer and heart defects. We covered the travel costs for two of these patients to receive much needed treatments in India.
These cases are examples of how UKF provides long term solutions to direct problems faced by children from economically diadvantaged families.