Our Healthcare Programs

Monthly Visits to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

UKF hospital visit to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) on the 3rd Saturday of the month is always an emotional one; particularly when we see kids recovering from serious ailments. In the past 17 years, our presence and love as we share care packages and support parents who can’t afford urgent medications for their kids, has helped a lot of families, especially the children on admission get better, faster. Every month, our team reaches out to at least 100 families through our hospital visit, putting smiles on the kids’ faces as we ease the financial burden of some of these families. The visits also provide a great opportunity to obtain firsthand information about direct needs or problems encountered by the children on admission at this facility so that UKF can create long term solutions to such needs or problems. UKF commits over $10,000 annually to treatment relief programs for sick children admitted at the paediatric ward of LASUTH.

Patients Assistance Program

During our monthly visits to LASUTH, we endeavor to look beyond the immediate needs of the patients and strive to, within our means, provide financial and other support needed by the patients and their families to live more comfortably while undergoing treatment and upon their discharge. During our visit in February, 2019, we treated the case of Adekola Twins; one of the newly born twins was diagnosed with perforated Anus (unable to defecate through the anus) while her twin sister was perfectly okay. He 4 days old Taiwo was expected to undergo a surgery as at the time of our visit but the parents could not afford it. We were able to provide this family with the assistance needed by paying all the medical bills needed directly to the hospital as well as ensuring all the Twin’s prescription drugs were available after the surgery. Our follow-up update in March reports both girls doing very well.

In 2018, we met 10 years old Adegboyega Emmanuel, who was diagnosed with Posterior Urethra Valve. His father abandoned the family due to the cost of the surgery and his ailment. UKF was able to pay for his surgery and medications till he was discharged.

In August 2016, our partnership with the Theodora Baarong Omanag Fund brought 6 ophthalmologists from the United States of America who assessed and provided free prescription glasses and medications to over 50 children in Lagos State Motherless Babies Home and referred patients from other orphanages. During this special visit we met and worked with 4-month-old Chukwuebuka Albert in Children centre, Idi-Araba who was diagnosed with nystagmus which commonly causes an involuntary rapid and repetitive movement of the eyes from side to side. With the support of Dr. Evelyn and Theodora Baarong Omang Fund, we were able to assist him medically from 2016 and he has gotten better over the years. 

One of our pioneer cases under Patience Assistance Program was that of Ariyo, who was discovered in 2005 as a 10-year-old Urology patient. Ariyo suffered severed debilitating trauma following a motor accident in 2004, which caused both he and his mother, to experience enormous physical and emotional hardship. Ariyo required surgery, which could not be performed in Nigeria. UKF invested in Ariyo’s wellbeing by paying for his medication and school fees. We also facilitated his travel to get proper surgical and medical treatment by paying for the international passports for Ariyo and his mother and linked them with Urologists in the UK who ensured that he received all necessary treatment.

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