Pre Scondary School Day Camp

The camp, a highly successful initiative introduced 2012 prepares and equips graduating primary six pupils with the skills and knowledge required to excel at the secondary school level. Programs include excursions and field trips to interesting locations, reproductive health education and counseling sessions to ensure readiness for a higher education environment. Due to the positive feedback from parents and students, we increased the size of this program from 50 to 100 in 2014, and 150 in 2016. This year our Pre Secondary School Day Camp takes place from 22nd – 25th July at Tunwase Schools. Our kids will also visit the Cinemas, in addition to learning life strategies, that gets them better equipped for the next academic adventure.Please donate and volunteer for this program, kindly contact Mopelola on 09082226106 for more details.

UKF Back to School

UKF launched its annual back to school program in September 2008 by distributing school bags and school supplies to more than 1,000 pupils in 9 public primary schools and orphanages/facilities in Lagos State. With strong support from Esso, Shell, NNPC and One Subsea, we covered over fifty one thousand children in fifteen states and the federal capital territory in 2016.

Social Welfare

UKF is conscious of the psychological impact of poor and orphaned children being left out of the massive festive activities during major religious holidays in Nigeria, therefore we strive to extend the love and celebration to them. UKF organizes Christmas parties for the children of the orphanages we partner with and also open the door for kids outside the homes to join the party to make it more memorable and fun for the kids. In addition, we buy new clothes for the children at Bab Es Salaam Orphanage during Eid-el Fitr (end of Ramadan fasting celebration) and organize a party for these kids and their friends, during Eid-el Kabir.


UNESCO Global Monitoring Report 2010 stated that Nigeria alone contributed over 10% to the total global population of primary school children who were out of school in 2007. It also stated that, unlike Ethiopia and the United Republic of Tanzania who had each reduced out-of-school numbers by over 3 million between 1999 and 2007, Nigeria had made only limited progress. Other findings in the report include the fact that Nigeria raises 34% of national income in government revenue, but has one of the lowest levels of commitment to primary education among the forty-six countries covered in the report. It noted that in the cases of Chad and Nigeria, the problem is less one of revenue mobilization than the low priority attached to education in general and basic education in particular (Reaching the Marginalized, UNESCO 2010).According to Professor Jane Lincove in the Economics of Education Review Reports published in 2009, poor parents in Nigeria no longer face tuition charges, but books and uniforms cost more than fees once did (Lincove, 2009).UKF is therefore committed to investing heavily in education, most especially early childhood and primary education to improve the conditions described in these reports. Our Back to School, Library and School Environment programs are the main programs we implement to achieve this goal.

UKF Libraries

On January 11, 2011, UKF obtained approval from the Lagos State Government to operate free libraries in 3 schools within the State. We commenced operations in June 2011, and we have since added 7 more schools. 6,000 students currently benefit directly from the operation of these libraries, which promote a culture of reading in the schools, and where applicable, work with students with reading difficulties to improve reading levels. We have noted a significant improvement in reading levels and more than 300% increase in student participation within 6 years of the commencement of library operations. Through this library program, we facilitated the successful admissions of Master Olamide Ologun and Miss. Deborah Arajua into the prestigious Day Waterman College, Master Sunday Akabasi in Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC) via merit-based scholarships and 13 other children now attend Tunwase private secondary school fully funded by UKF sponsors.We are currently facilitating the process of admitting 30 more students into Federal Unity Colleges across the country by pairing students with donors.

UKF Library on Wheels

This is a new program launched in partnership with General Electric, Africa (GE), in 2018. It is the mobile form of our library program, which reaches out to 2,000 children more in the largest local government in Lagos State, Alimosho Local Government. In addition to these kids, the Library on Wheels also visits children who are on admission at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital as well as the various orphanage homes we visit monthly.

Read to Me

On June 11 2015, we launched “Read to Me,” a digital reading and mentoring program in partnership with Worldreader and ExxonMobil Nigeria at the UKF library serving Victoria island, Ansardeen, Awoyaya and FHA primary schools. The success of this project was instant and highly beneficial for both mentors and more than 150 students, many of who were not reading at the required levels. We are proud to announce that GE Nigeria is now fully supporting this program with significant contribution of funds and human resources. We have also expanded the program to other UKF libraries in January 2018.  

School Environment and Development Programs

In 2017 General Electric in conjunction with UKF beautified Adebule Primary School by painting an entire block of classrooms within the school. GE also partnered with UKF to kick start a penpal program between our children in Arch Bishop Tailor and Kuramo primary Schools, Nigeria and the children of Montrose community, United Kingdom. We believe this is another fun way for our kids to broaden their horizons through fascinating histories while learning to appreciate, understand and respect other cultures. This program also triggers their curiosity as they learn about their new pal’s school system in addition to motivating them to improve their writing and reading skills as they organize their thoughts to paper and respond to letters sent to them.

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